Melinda Martinez

Melinda Daugherty was born and raised near Gadsden, Alabama with her father. Her mother was wild and would leave her father for months at a time to go be with other men. Her father and Uncle raped her all her life. When she was 17 she began to live with her boyfriend, that boyfriend went crazy when he fount out the baby Melinda carried was more than likely her fathers or her uncles and he beat her til she miscarried. After that she left her boyfriend she refused to go home so she went to work at Baker Motel in Gadsden Alabama as a prostitute with her sister Donna. Donna later had a baby from one of her clients. When A man from Guatamala became her pimp/boyfriend he decided to SELL the baby girl in to the sex Industry. Noe Martinez was a regular Client and was n’t long Melinda became his supossive wife. Donna and Melinda met Lorreta Gail Martinez AKA Loretta Gail Johnson and Loretta Gail Farley at Baker Motel as she was a prostitute there too. Lorreta was a migrant Prostitute she migrated with the “Chilcuautla HGO clan”. Donna, Melinda, Lorretta Gail, and Hernado( the Donna’s pimp) and a Gadsden police officer named Bill Vasser who was one of Lorretta’s clients, came up with a scheme to account for the where about for the little girl after they sold her.
They would wait till Donna went to the Hospital to have the supossive son of Hernado (the PIMP). Hernado would claim to have paid a Guatmalan lady to watch the baby girl while Donna was in the Hospital giving birth. Then Loretta Gail would make an animous call to report someone saw a Hispanic lady throw a baby into the river. Police officer Bill Vasser who was the client of Lorretta Gail would make sure he was near the Bridge at the same time so he would be the one to get there first. He took one of the baby’s shirt with him so he could dive in then come up and say he had the baby by her shirt but the ragging current ripped the baby out of it. When the officer came up with the baby shirt in his hands with a outstanding emotional performance. Ever body was convenced that a baby had been thrown off the bridge. So before long the FBI,ABI, news stations from every where was there on the scene.
Gail Got scared so she made another anonimous call to DFACS to report that there was a baby at a location that was being sexually abused and they needed to go RIGHT NOW to save this baby before it was taken out of the country for the sex Industry. So DFACS went and fount the baby. Melinda, Lorretta, Noe and Issiaha Martinez left that day and moved into a house that was rented in the name of Domingo Cortes Cruz in Griffin, Georgia with the permision of Primitivo Cortes Cruz.

Now we all know Birds of a feather flock together so it is no suprize that this group hooks up with all the local prostitutes in Georgia. In fact Two more prostitutes come into this picture and even more child trafficking but this time the story gets so wild even a movie would not be able to keep all this in it.

The 3 Martinez Brother Noe, Moe and Issiah loved prostitutes so much they married them and then incouraged there cousin’s to do the same. Tomas Martinez met a prostitute name Christine Bailey in a bar called “West Texas” in Atlanta Ga and took her home for the Martinez family. The prostitute would love to go home with a house full of Mexican because they figured since they got free rent, and board along with each Mexican giving them 100 a week. That came out about 1,000 a week in the clear. For a low class nasty prostitute that is uglier than a rat’s ass that is a deal. Because even if you make 200 a day at prostituting at bars, the cost of motels and fast food can really cost you. After Christine Bailey made this deal with Tomas Martinez and the rest of the guys. This take home prostitute arrangement caught on an Christine Bailey introduced her friend who also was a prostitute at the “west Texas” bar of Atlanta to Jose Daniel Benitez Garcia. I do not remember this prostitute but I do remember her daughter’s name was Katheryn and she was only about 9 years old when her mother came home with the Benitez Garcia Brothers. I believe the little girl sticks in my mind because it is not every day a 10 year old becomes pregnate. After her mother prostituting her daughter out and she became pregnate. The Martinez and their whores hide her out in Griffin Ga. When DFACS/CPS fount her and took her to a Baptist home. She ran away with the Garcia Benitiz family to Florida. She became pregnant again at age 11 and when authorities were called The Ivan Benitez Garcia ran to Mexico with both minor children where she became pregnant for the third time. Pedophilia has no cure and the women that traffic children can not be rehabilitated. In my opinion Pedophiles and child traffickers need to killed legally thru the death penalty!!!!

This child that Kathyn had at age 11 currently has been abandon in Chiluatla HGO Mexico with Family of Family who are all Pedophiles. Remember this child is American child kidnapped by it father who raped his mother at age 9 and pregnated at age 10. and NO authority cared in Fact Juvenile Dan Camp retaliated on Celeste Cortes for reporting the fact the 10 year old was pregnant and not receiving medical care for her condition.

Melinda Daughtry had two Children she named them Christian and Sabastian. It is unsure which Martinez is the father of either boy and rumor is Primitivo Cortes Cruz is the father of the oldest but no body knows. Both Boys were hide out in Chilcuautla Hgo Mexico from DFACS/CPS for over a year. While there they never attended shcool the reason is there is no transportation in Mexico and both boys have been so over weight since toddler they can only take a few steps before they collapse. I really believe the two boys will be future Human traffickers. Because The Martinez supply labors to grengos and prostitutes to Johns. There is a whore house in Progresso Hgo Mexico owned by Martinez -Escamillo familia.
What else can an over weight tub of lard that weights over 300 pounds before age 15 with no education or any morals or ethics do? Traffic or draw welfare. They will more than likely be Pedophiles as well!!! It is a family tradition!!!
and Juvenile Judge Dan Camp and his client talks about these boys suppling to his boy. Melinda’s Mental Health and Family history made her that way.

Melinda was raised on a dairy farm near Gasden Alabama and was Isolated from the general population. Her main social interactions were with her father and uncle sexually. For the most part she had no female adult role model except for her mother who very seldom was there due to the fact she would run off with other men for years at a time. The mother would only come up in between men as she had no where else to go. This set Melinda up for her false belief that it in near or if not impossible for a women to live alone or provide for her self. She feels sex is all she has to survive. It is very common for any person to ‘TURN OUT” like Melinda did. But her mental Health was worsen when she met the Martinez family. Anyone who knows Melinda and is honest will say this describes her to a tea:
Cognitive-distortion, All-or-nothing thinking (splitting) – Conception in absolute terms, like “always”, “every”, “never”, and “there is no alternative”. ( “false dilemma” or “false dichotomy”.)
Overgeneralization – Extrapolating limited experiences and evidence to broad generalizations. (faulty generalization and misleading vividness.)
Magical thinking – Expectation of certain outcomes based on performance of unrelated acts or utterances. (wishful thinking.)
Mental filter – Inability to view positive or negative features of an experience, for example, noticing only tiny imperfection in a piece of otherwise useful clothing.
Disqualifying the positive – Discounting positive experiences for arbitrary, ad hoc reasons.
Jumping to conclusions – Reaching conclusions (usually negative) from little (if any) evidence.
Mind reading – Sense of access to special knowledge of the intentions or thoughts of others.
Fortune telling – Inflexible expectations for how things will turn out before they happen.
Magnification and minimization – Magnifying or minimizing a memory or situation such that they no longer correspond to objective reality. “make a mountain out of a molehill.” The positive characteristics of other people are exaggerated and negative characteristics are understated.
Catastrophizing – Inability to foresee anything other than the worst possible outcome, however unlikely, or experiencing a situation as unbearable or impossible when it is just uncomfortable.
Emotional reasoning – Experiencing reality as a reflection of emotions, e.g. “I feel it, therefore it must be true.”
Should statements – Patterns of thought which imply the way things “should” or “ought” to be rather than the actual situation the person is faced with, or having rigid rules which the person believes will “always apply” no matter what the circumstances are. Albert Ellis termed this “Musturbation”. Not Masturbation (I’ll talk about that later)
Labeling and mislabeling – Limited thinking about behaviors or events due to reliance on names; related to overgeneralization. Rather than describing the specific behavior, the person assigns a label to someone or himself that implies absolute and unalterable terms. Mislabeling involves describing an event with language that is highly colored and emotionally loaded.
Personalization – Attribution of personal responsibility (or causal role or blame) for events over which a person has no control EVERYTHING is CELESTE’S fault.

Impaired self concept, Melinda has two self concepts of her self the one she presents to the world and the one she really believes. Let start with the one she presents to the world. She denies she ever was a prostitute. She claims to have been a pre-K teacher in Griffin Ga. She Claims She is not a white girl who likes Mexicans she is a white girl who just so happen to fall in love with a Mexican. She also claims Noe is her “soul mate” She stoled those claims from Celeste’s mother talking about her Mexican lover. She presents her self as high class. This drastic change of charactor has been going on now for about 6 years. It started when she met FBI agent Mary Jo Magrum and they fount a pregnate 10 year old being hid out at Loretta’s house in Griffin Ga. She began to distance her self from the other prostitutes because CPS took her children and she had to supply Dan Camp free labors (illegal aliens) in order to get them back.
She decided that day to pretend to be someone she is not. Any body can change but to really change you have to except the truth, deal with it, process it, forgive your self, then start over creating a real new history. Running, covering up, lieing and ditching made up stuff on Celeste to hide what you have done to her and others in this human trafficking and other organized crime is not changing. It is being a fraud if you know what your doing and are conning people. It is called creating a delusion to escape reality if you are unaware of it. Rather this new Identity Melinda or Belinda as she changed her name to, is a fraud or delusion, I know deep inside she remembers who she is, where she came from what all she has done. And the reason she created this new Identity was because she is ashame. That she has sold her on neice to sex traffickers and let her husband and other Martinez sex partners have sex with a 9 year olds child while watching. She is ashame she HouseJacked (home invasion)Celeste that left her in intensive care with every single organ with staples and her spleen removed from being beat til all her insides ruptured. Why because Celeste is every thing she wish she could be. Celeste was beautiful, and had integrity. Celeste never was a prostitute and would take days of torture and still refuse to go against her morals like traffic children or be a prostitute. Celeste would rather die and nearly did several times. Melinda had Noe that would let her leave anytime she wanted but she choose to stay because of the money Noe made being a trafficker. When she saw how Celeste who was being held refused to participate in such inmorality I feel it made Melinda feel like she was trash. The fact Melinda was geneticly Fat and had to do hard drugs and stay on akins diet to stay around size 16 made her envy Celeste even more. The fact Celeste live thru the OP poisoning really burned her ass up. No matter what they did to Celeste she still was pretty and Good. See If Melinda has changed she would feel remorse for the beating that left Celeste with ruptured organs and the fact this family of pedophiles got her under age held her, and even poisoned her but know she still tells lies and lies on Celeste due to jelousy!!! I guess she has hate for Celeste also for what she sees as snitching out the family for the human, gun and car trafficking. I guess she can not understand LOVE. Celeste Love’s her children and wants better for them. Melinda who willing was in this does not care for her children enough to want better for them. Instead they have been raised to be a leader in human trafficking the even been feed like hogs to fit the physical stereo type a big 400 pound latino. Melinda hates Celeste so because of her low self esteem. Just in Case Melinda reads this and get this far Celeste is still pretty and Good but she ain’t being to nice to child trafficker in fact she is on a mission to expose this shit and if you feel This blog defame COME GET SOME BITCH!!! File a law suit and prove It is all a lie!! I know for a fact Celeste Can prove it’s true!!!! all the way down to the Dairy Farm.


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